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Bring a friend

A double gift for the current and future buyer, the discount rate is 10% and 5%. Use loyalty program bonuses instead of discounts.

Social media competition with prize

Put a post about our company on your page, mark us and get the opportunity to win a gift (the winner is determined using a random number generator)

Weekly automatic lottery

The program itself chooses a random winner among the buyers and sends him a push notification. Entrance ticket with the minimum cost compared to the gift (the winner is determined using a random number generator)

Affiliate promotion (not with competitors)

Partners advertise you, customers pay, use the promo code "partner". Partners receive% and a mention of their company.

Gift for subscribing to group news on social networks

Gift options: 250 rubles. for the next purchase, increased cashback, crediting to Vip-clients. Here it is important to give gifts taking into account the business parameters of the company.

Gift for the first purchase

For example, a promotional code for the next purchase, issuing a loyalty card, assigning a VIP client status

Private sales for regular customers

It is important to track the LTV of regular customers and take into account the marginality of the business when giving discounts.

Today's action

Examples of promotions: only today, the second product from the *** series is free or 500 rubles. to the account when buying 2 goods or in the amount of 5,000 or more, delivery is free.

We return 10% of the purchase

Accrual of bonus rubles to the customer loyalty card. It is important to calculate the amount of bonus rubles, to take into account the marginality of the business. Increase the size of the discount, taking into account the client's LTV: if a client brings 50 thousand rubles a month, then why not increase the size of the cashback for him.

We will deliver every third order for free

Leave a review, tag us and get a 15% discount on your next order

Price motivation

Discounts, 1 + 1 = 3 (equivalent to a 30% discount)

Product motivation

Free samples

Emotional motivation

Winning or participating in an event

Friend discount

Discount promo code, refer a friend and get a discount

Growing discount

20% discount when buying a second item, 30% when buying a third item, 50% when buying a fourth

Discount or bonus rubles for registration in the loyalty program

Discount for two

Discount for women and men if they buy two pairs

Discount only today

Add products that are at such a discount just today. Do not advertise in advance. Pick up products for the promotion, either with high margins, or that have been lying for a long time.

Discount when reaching a certain amount in the basket

Instead of a discount, you can give free shipping, a gift or bonuses. Choose a gift, amount of bonuses or a discount based on the client's LTV and business margin

Fixed or cumulative discount

Upon reaching the amount of purchases for a specific amount, a permanent discount on products is issued.

Refund promotions

Refund% of the cost of goods after purchase (to stimulate repeat sales)

Melting discount

Today 20%, tomorrow 10%, the day after tomorrow 0%. Choose the size of the discounts, taking into account the LTV of customers and the margin of the business

Discount for social groups of the population

For example: retirees, students.

Product of the day

Discount on sets

A good way to raise your average check.


Profit is created when a user selects an item at cost and + buys additional items for it. Build high-margin related products.

2 for the price of 1 or 3 for the price of 2 or 1 + 1 = 3

Loyalty program registration gift

Collect customer information to personalize ads for them. Offer what they need!

Money to the account

Pay customers for a targeted action, for example: manufacturers add 100 rubles to a phone number if a customer leaves a review on the site. Be careful not to encourage buyers to leave only positive reviews.


Promote sales: distribute trial samples to customers to familiarize themselves with the product. Let's try the product on site for free.


50 p. from the order we transfer to the Fund ...

Win-win lottery

The prize is free, only shipping + additional sales of basic goods are paid

Drawing of a valuable gift

Seasonal promotions

For example, during a period of downturn in activity, sell off stocks

Short-term shares

1-5 days

Thematic promotions

Timed to coincide with events and holidays. Do not choose major holidays, for example: for coffee houses, the International Coffee Day holiday - October 1.

Closed shares

It is important to track the LTV of regular customers and give discounts taking into account the marginality of the business.

Cross-sell or cross-sell

For example: buy a keyboard and get a mouse as a gift; when purchasing a new smartphone, you will receive a branded case and protective glass as a gift. The purpose of the promotion is to increase profits from one order.


A client buys a product or uses the services of one company and receives a product from a partner company as a gift.

Refer a friend and get a bonus offers customers 1,000 rubles to their account, if they invite a friend, they will send him an affiliate link, by which he will register in the program and make his first booking.

Happy hours

This is a promotion that is only available during specific hours. For example, a 10% discount on set meals in a cafe from 12:00 to 14:00. Also, this marketing technique is often used: cleaning laptops for 300 rubles from 16:00 to 18:00; buy engine oil from 15:00 to 17:00 and we will change it for free.

Products of the day

15% off iPhone 10 on Monday; order plastic windows on Thursday and we will make a free measurement.

Discount night

Have a Discount Night every month and sometimes every week. From 18:00 to 00:00 for a specific category of goods there is a discount + installments for 12-18 months and free delivery of goods.

Free delivery of goods for purchases in the amount of 3,000 rubles (or more)

Social relevance

By buying this product you are helping children


For example: step 1 - find the code in the product or get the code when buying, 2 - register the code through our direct on Instagram, 3 - get a prize or the opportunity to participate in a win-win lottery.

Drawing of vouchers

For example: a joint promotion of Dixie and Bonduelle. They offer buyers a chance to win a trip to Spain. When buying 2 cans of olives or Bonduelle olives, register a check on the official website of the drawing. The winner is selected at random.

Return your old product and get a discount

Generous discovery

Communication salon "Svyaznoy" carried out a marketing campaign for the opening of a new salon. Wallets were scattered in the city, in which there was an invitation to come to the opening of the store. The find could be exchanged for a gift - a T-shirt with the inscription "The most honest inhabitant of the city."

Package offer

Sell ​​products in bundle with a discount: books with related topics or products for the kitchen.

Random gift

Gifts for the buyer. Do not reveal your cards: do not indicate that when you buy a new TV, we are giving you a microwave. Keep it secret - people love surprises.

Personal selection

Online clothing stores will offer an additional free service to customers - the selection of an image with a stylist.

Feedback bonuses

When people search for an online store, they study reviews of the company on large platforms: for example, Yandex.Market. To encourage buyers to leave positive reviews, offer them a bonus for completing this action: a personal discount, points for a discount card.

Family shopping

This method is used by clothing stores: when buying a suit for an adult, buy a children's suit on favorable terms.

Happy day

Spend "happy days": discounts on Monday, free delivery on Friday, fish Thursday", meat Tuesday


Create a "scarcity" effect - in your promotional offers indicate that the number of products is limited. For example, there are 10 models of new Samsung vacuum cleaners left. Buy today for a promotion.

Trial period

Let the client use the service for free. For example, 3 free lessons with a trainer, 2 free visits to drawing lessons.


Conduct free service consultations.


Give lectures online or offline.

Master classes, live broadcasts, webinars

Give value to your customers, they will appreciate it and will be imbued with confidence in you. Give personal discounts at these workshops.

Charity events

Cleaning, fundraising, self-named scholarships. For example, in 2018, Coca-Cola ran a massive promotion in London, according to which a percentage of the cost of each bottle of the drink was donated to a fund to help polar bears. At the same time, a "bear stay zone" was established in the central park of the city, where every child and adult saw virtual bears in wildlife. In doing so, Coca-Cola increased sales, strengthened brand confidence, and helped the animals.

Buy coffee to go - take a walk to the cinema

drawing of 2 cinema tickets.

3D technologies in promotions

In 2018, the Dutch dairy factory Lady milk pack released milk that, when scanned, loaded the Matt Truitman's world app onto a mobile phone. With each package, the children added a series of characters in the game and asked their parents to buy more milk. In Russia, a similar move was made by the Hippo supermarket chain, offering its customers stickers that came to life when scanned with a smartphone.

Almost free

The Moscow beauty salon attracted women to its halls by offering them to cut their bangs for 3 rubles. Most of the clients used not only this service, and the mega-cheap offer instantly spread throughout the city, increasing the constant flow of customers to the salon.

Mega Discount Auction

The Moscow store "100 Divanov" regularly holds lottery auctions on social networks, according to which the sofa is sold at a discount of up to 15 thousand. The rules of the game are not complicated - every day the cost of goods is reduced by a thousand rubles and notifications about this are published in the morning and in the evening. One participant can pick up the sofa at a discount - the first one to write “STOP” in the commentary.

Come up with the best recipe and get a percentage of sales

Domino's has launched the Pizza Mogul game, with which you can create pizza with your favorite toppings and get a percentage of the sales of your favorite dish.


Credit card holders were asked to complete the Million Case Challenge by completing seven tasks in five weeks. 444 participants who completed the quest shared a million rubles and received 12 thousand miles each with the ability to spend on tickets of any airlines.

Motivated discount

For example, in the Moscow underwater equipment store Diskus, customers were offered to put their heads in the aquarium. The amount of the discount depended on the time a person spends under water holding their breath. There were always those who wanted to test their strength. - people appreciate more what is not easy to get. And the discounts, for which they had to try, are more readily used.

Increase the average check

When the amount in the basket reaches the specified amount, offer to buy the item at a cost price of +50 rubles.

Wheel of Fortune

When buying a product, the client makes a spin on the virtual wheel of fortune and receives the product or service that has fallen out.

Appearance discount

A client who comes in specific clothes (pajamas, white T-shirt) gets a big discount on the goods.

Weather discount

The hotter or colder it is outside, the greater the discount.

Collect coupons

The client collects coupons or stickers and receives a bonus for this: a discount or a gift.


Roll the dice and get a discount, the higher the dropped number, the greater the discount.

Stop spending boring
and non-profitable stocks

Three for the price of two, 20% discount on everything, in the evening everyone has a 30% discount on the menu ...

Familiar stocks, right? Not surprising, because from year to year, marketers carry out them by copying from each other. It doesn't matter if your business has a 30% markup, a marketer can offer a 20% discount. Obviously, in this case, you simply will not make a profit.

We offer a personalized and completely new approach to the formation of marketing campaigns

So that you always work in profit, the share will be tied to the LTV of each buyer.

For example: a client within 3 months, 2 times a week, visits your institution, the average check is 750 rubles. His LTV = 18,000 rubles, this is how much revenue he brought to you during his 3-month interaction with you. If you have a 100% margin, then the net profit from this client is 9,000 rubles. As a thank you for your loyalty, you can give 5% of your profits in the form of bonuses.

This is how Boostfeel will come up with promotions for you. Now you are convinced that the promotion invented by our service will not work negatively.

Implement a tool in your company that automatically generates and conducts profitable stocks. With Boostfeel you are one step closer to consistent and predictable profits

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Find out how well you understand the mechanics of conducting profitable marketing campaigns and take gifts - an analysis of your test and the most detailed checklist for working with regular customers. The checklist shows cases, formulas, examples of segmentation, promotions, 32 texts for mailing and much more.

Receive gifts that are 100% useful for your business

Question 1 from 7
Choose the right signs of an effective promotion?
Question 2 from 7
What parameter should the store increase to make the marketing campaign more profitable?
Question 3 from 7
Let's say you have an average check in your establishment of 150 rubles, you have made a 10% discount, the margin of your business is 26%. How much money will you make?
Question 4 from 7
Select the target group of metrics for the business owner to calculate the results of marketing campaigns
Question 5 from 7
Choose the wrong description of the right stock
Question 6 from 7
Let's say you have an average check in your establishment of 300 rubles, the margin of your business is 60%. What is the maximum discount you can afford to stay within the break-even point? When solving this problem, we will take variable and fixed costs as zero (although this is impossible in real life)
Question 7 from 7
Let's say you have a coffee shop. 700% mark-up on coffee in your establishment. That's good, but you have a lot of expenses: for example, plant-based milk, premium syrups and additives, expensive baristas, high rent. Which of the following solutions will bring you the most profit?
Constructor of electronic maps

Create your own branded loyalty card for your company just in 3 minutes. You can choose the design yourself or use ready-made templates

and reportsи

Tracking and implementing the results of the submitted reports by an average of 20% is guaranteed to increase the profitability of the business already from 2 months.

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All information received from electronic cards is sent to the CRM system and artificial intelligence builds a marketing strategy for returning customers for you.